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These Terms of Use serve as a contract that oversees your use of the Website, as governed by the laws of the State of New York. By using the Website you agree to these Terms, which include our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not use the Website. These Terms are subject to change at any time. Please review them occasionally.

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  • The materials on the Website are intended for educational, research and entertainment purposes only.
  • The materials on the Website are sold “as is”, as they closely match their pre-purchase descriptions. Refunds and credits are not offered.
  • All memberships advertised as "Unlimited" allow for 30 downloads per week. If a user requires more than 30 downloads in 1 week, they must file a request for additional download credits by contacting support@studystandard.com.
  • We do not tolerate plagiarism or any type of academic dishonesty. We have the right to remove such content from the Website for any reason. However, we are not responsible for failures or delays in removing this content.
  • We prohibit plagiarism by you of any content that you purchase from or view on the Website. We are not responsible for claims, expenses or damages that you may incur from using the content that you purchase from or view on the Website. You are prohibited from modifying, reselling or displaying any materials on the Website.
  • We are not responsible for any content that is found to be inaccurate or incorrect on the Website.
  • Some of the Website’s content may be licensed to us by third party providers. We are not liable for these materials.
  • If you agree to receive notifications from us, you allow us to send emails to the email account you provided us with. If you do not wish to continue receiving these notifications, you can unsubscribe at any time through the links provided on every email.
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  • We interact with our users electronically by email or by posting notices on a page of the Website. By using the Website, you agree that you have the equipment, software and internet access to read, print and store any information that we provide you with.
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  • Because you must use a credit card to purchase services from the Website, you confirm that the use of the credit card means that you are the legal owner of the card. If the credit card company does not send us confirmation of your purchase, we have the right to cancel any transaction.
  • By purchasing services on the Website, you agree to pay all fees and charges associated with the payment terms at the time of purchase. Until service is terminated, you are liable for all charges. Any additional charges that you may incur from your credit card issuing bank are your own responsibility.
  • We offer automatic recurring billing for our services. Fees for your subscription may be automatically renewed for a similar period of time at the end of the original term. You must provide us with notice 7 days prior to renewal if you do not want to automatically renew your service. The maximum term of this agreement is 100 months. Unless you cancel this agreement, you authorize us to charge your chosen method of payment for the ongoing cost of your membership.
  • You need to create an account on the Website to access most features. You must provide both honest and current registration information about yourself.
  • We have the right to refuse service or cancel the accounts of any user at any time. If we terminate your account, you must destroy all materials from the Website that you printed, downloaded or copied.
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  • We do our best to ensure that your personal and credit information is protected. However, we are not responsible for any damages incurred resulting from a transaction on the Website. We are also not responsible for damages that may occur to your computer, software or digital files.
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  • If you have a dispute with us, you must give us a chance to resolve your claim. To do this, you must send written notice documenting your claim to this address: Study Standard Inc. 9322 3rd Avenue, Suite 435, Brooklyn, NY 11209. We will negotiate your claim in good faith. If we cannot resolve it within 60 days from the time of receipt, you may pursue your claim in arbitration.
  • In order to protect these Terms of Purchase and Terms of Use, we may take technical and/or legal action.

Study Standard respects the rights of all copyright owners, and we comply with U.S. Copyright laws. You can read our Copyright Policy here. We respond to all notices of alleged copyright infringement according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The applicable section of the DMCA can be found here. We will block access to or remove materials that we believe to be illegally copied by any of our advertisers, content providers or affiliates.

If you are the owner (or authorized to act on the behalf of the owner) of copyrighted content, and you believe it has been copied on this website in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please contact us with the information outlined in our Copyright Policy.

Privacy Policy

Study Standard respects your privacy. You can read the Website’s Privacy Policy here. This Privacy Policy may change periodically. Please be sure to review it every so often.

Limitation of Liability



By using our service, you agree to release and hold us (including our owners, employees, representatives, agents, affiliates, advertising and promotion) harmless from all damages, losses, claims, rights and actions of any type that arise from your use or misuse of the Website.


We cannot guarantee that our services will never be disrupted or function without error. We also cannot guarantee that we will never experience unauthorized access to our computers. We cannot guarantee that we will never experience damage, malfunctions or defects in our systems including but not limited to software, hardware, and communication lines.

Changes to the Website

Periodically, changes to the design, structure and display of the Website will occur to make the site more usable and dynamic. This can be done without prior notification to you. During these times, malfunctions may occur which may cause possible disruptions to your service. This will give you no grounds for a claim, suit and/or a demand against us.

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